Responsibility for our users

Responsibility for our users

The company policy is the result of attention to all aspects of quality in order to guarantee a service suited to the requests of all our users.

Politica della Qualità

Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. S.B. wants to follow the following quality policy lines:

  • pursue an increasingly in-depth knowledge of the reference “USER”, his propensities and his needs, both in terms of the organoleptic characteristics of the product and in terms of support services for the supply process;
  • constantly increase the ability to design and define the characteristics of the offer and supply services starting from the pure indication of customer needs;
  • constantly increase the ability to develop an implicitly validated supply service implementation process, through constant attention to executive problems, impacts on the existing situation, and the logistical and organizational needs of customers.
Environmental responsibility

Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. Benefit Company, in compliance with its commitment to work towards sustainable development, recognizes its responsibilities towards the community in which it operates and its commitment to respecting the environment and protecting natural resources.

The Company undertakes to:

  • comply with all state, regional, provincial and/or local legislative provisions on environmental matters, adopting where possible the most recent European provisions, anticipating state legislation in line with an advanced managerial model of pro-active enterprise such as Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. S.B. you want to configure;
  • aim to reduce the environmental impacts deriving from the activities carried out in all phases of the process to the minimum permitted by production needs and technological evolution, through the correct evaluation of the same and the implementation of initiatives for continuous improvement;
  • prevent pollution through the optimization of consumption of raw materials and energy and, where possible, through the reduction of waste sent for disposal, encouraging recovery and recycling, also through the stipulation of conventions and agreements with specialized companies and consortia;
  • spread its commitment to safeguarding the environment to its employees, suppliers and those who collaborate with Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. every day, and also to maintain a collaborative relationship with the supervisory authorities.


The Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. S.B. also recognizes its responsibilities towards the people who operate within its organisation, believes that their skills and professionalism represent the most important assets the company has at its disposal, and adopts a personnel management policy aimed at enhancing their skills and attachment to the company.

For this, Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. S.B. undertakes to:

  • develop awareness programs for its staff, in order to make each employee aware of the effects and consequences associated with the activities carried out;
  • ensure optimal working conditions for employees both from the point of view of health and the safeguards implemented on risk factors;
  • involve all employees as widely as possible in the pursuit of company objectives;
  • ensure that each manager coordinates their collaborators, directing them towards continuous improvement;
  • promote the professional and cultural improvement of staff at all levels through a Training Plan aimed at effective growth.


Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. Società Benefit intends to create a product that stands out for its certified food safety characteristics, for its organoleptic quality, for demonstrable complete compliance with the legal requirements, processes and specifications declared in its quality – safety – environment system.

It therefore undertakes to:

  • manufacture all its products and manage its production system in full compliance with mandatory international, national and regional regulations;
  • pursue an increasingly qualified knowledge of the producers’ offerings, through constant monitoring, the ability to predict/prompt their evolution, the selection of the best in terms of reliability and quality;
  • develop procedures and continuously verify the performance results, modifying, where necessary, the policy, management system, procedures and programs adopted;
  • encourage new ideas and improvement proposals;
  • assign the right resources for the implementation of the policy and production plans.

Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. S.B. ensures that the quality policy is:

  • DISTRIBUTED by posting on noticeboards and training meetings.
  • APPLIED through audits.
  • SUPPORTED by verifying the commitment and suggestions of staff aimed at its implementation.
  • MADE PUBLIC OUTSIDE, informing its customers and stakeholders.



The internal chemical laboratory provides for the critical and analytical execution of the main analysis activities regarding the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both for the qualitative characteristics of the product and for the organoleptic characteristics. All chemical-physical analyzes are carried out in compliance with the international regulations currently in force and constantly evolving.

Furthermore, the laboratory uses modern instrumentation for the gas chromatographic detection of analytes which is regularly subjected to technical maintenance and a meticulously calibrated scale system.

Our strengths are the reliability of the analytical data, as well as confidentiality, truthfulness and impartiality, tested through annual participation in the Proficiency Tests, used by our qualified technical staff to continuously monitor the analytical processes and the progress of their work.

Finoliva Proficiency Test

The Laboratory participates in the national Ring Tests of the Bari Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA SAMER),
Innovhub Stazione Sperimentale dell’Industria (SSOG Milano),
and an annual Ring Test dedicated to the organoleptic evaluation of EVO oils (MASAF)


The company policy regarding Quality
it is the result of attention to all its aspects in order to guarantee
a service suited to the requests of all our users