Responsibility for our workers

FINOLIVA GLOBAL SERVICE S.p.A. Benefit Company was founded in 1999 on the initiative of the National Olive Growers Consortium – CNO today ITALIA OLIVICOLA S.c.a.r.l. (60%) and CIO S.c.r.l. – Production and Work Cooperative (former CIOS employees – 40%).

Today the corporate composition has partially changed with the entry into the shareholder structure of O.P. of producers from the different regions of Italy. However, the company has maintained its specificity: the workers, through their cooperative CIO, maintain their 10.50% stake in the company.

It’s a company where workers have an active participation of which they are employed.

Compliance with all contractual and workplace safety regulations

It is important that Finoliva Global Service S.p.A. Benefit Company fully complies with the National Collective Labor Agreement for Employees of Cooperative Companies for the Processing of Agricultural Products and Processing of Food Products signed on 02.12.2020 and all mandatory regulations regarding safety in the workplace.

Contratto Integrativo Aziendale

On 21 April 2017 the company signed the company Supplementary Trade Union Agreement which provides, among other things, a production bonus for employees linked to the achievement of productivity, quality, innovation and efficiency objectives, a bonus paid regularly. Another innovative element is the flexibility in working hours used in sectors where this is possible.

Negotiating Company Frameworks

On 8st July 2018 the company signed the Trade Union Agreement with a revision of level classifications and revision of company minimums beyond that established by the aforementioned CCNL.

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